Stephen Meyer

Darwin’s Doubt

Darwin, the scientific method, Danny DeVito, and Cher all manage to find a place in this mind-boggling and entertaining conversation between Stephen Meyer and Eric Metaxas, at the Union League...

Malcolm Gladwell

David and Goliath

Best-selling phenomenon Malcolm Gladwell talks with host Eric Metaxas about his book, DAVID AND GOLIATH, along the way touching on why his mom's a genius, acromegaly, getting busted at immigration,...

Mosab Hassan Yousef

Son of Hamas

Eric Metaxas

How Good Confronts Evil: Lessons from the Life and Death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Taken from his book BONHOEFFER: PASTOR, MARTYR, PROPHET, SPY, Eric Metaxas examines lessons from the life and death of Dietrich Bonhoeffer.  ...

N.T. Wright

Surprised by Scripture

Engaging Contemporary Issues.

N.T. Wright

Surprised by Hope

Rethinking Heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church

N.T. Wright

Simply Christian

Why Christianity Makes Sense.

Lauren Winner

What is Sex?: The Naked Truth About the Facts of Life

Lauren Winner confronts cultural lies about sex with nuance and wit in this 2005 lecture given in New York City....

Merold Westphal

Atheism for Lent

Fordham Professor Emeritus of Philosophy Merold Westphal makes the case for taking a closer look at Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud and their responses to religion as a guide in "living...

George Weigel

The Cube and The Cathedral

Contrasting the modernist "cube" of the Great Arch of La Defense in Paris with the "cathedral" -- Notre-Dame -- George Weigel looks at both civilizations and argues that Europe's shift...

Michael Ward

Planet Narnia: The Secret Code Behind C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia

Eric Metaxas interviews Oxford Fellow Michael Ward about his discovery of a secret code in C.S. Lewis’s Chronicles of Narnia, which Ward explores in his book PLANET NARNIA....

Alice von Hildebrand

Man and Woman: A Divine Invention

"You're not going to have an easy time. Because I'm going to put you on the hot seat." So declares our first nonagenarian guest, Alice von Hildebrand, to Socrates host...

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